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Quarantine Dream (Signed Print)

  • Quarantine Dream (Signed Print)
  • Quarantine Dream (Signed Print)


"Quarantine Dream"
Hand-signed by me!

I tried out a new printing service for these prints. They turned out pretty good but the quality isn't quite as high as I wanted, so I'm selling them at a discounted price of $10 (plus shipping).

May be worth something someday if I don't screw up and let my life & potential slide down the drain. So consider it an extremely high-risk but low-cost financial investment.

Can also be used as a nonabsorbent and therefor shitty paper towel to clean up spills and messes and stuff.

May take 2-4 weeks for shipping
possibly longer outside of US
(will ship separately from the other merch)

USA - $5
Everywhere else - $10